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Opening of KNK chicken and shakes in Egypt


Good news, the opening of a branch of the KNK restaurant chain in Egypt

Yearex Group announced this evening the opening of KNK fast food restaurant in Egypt as an extension of the KNK restaurant chain in Dubai, with strenuous efforts by the staff at Yearex Group.
In a special statement to Kaf Post, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Hassan Al-Kahily, stated that this step is the first towards opening a chain of KNK restaurants in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Pointing out that Egypt is one of the most open countries in the region in terms of investment facilities and is considered an encouraging environment for Arab investors, especially Yemenis.
A large number of social media users received the news of the opening of KNK fast food restaurants in Egypt with a standing ovation, as the meals of these restaurants are very popular in Dubai.