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A new start for Yearex Travel through the inauguration of work in its new headquarters in Dokki, Cairo, which will provide an independent environment suitable for the nature of its work.
The company, in its experimental launch, proved to be promising with unparalleled success, and assured the management of its accurate reading of the Egyptian market, and the correctness of its view of the company’s distinguished cadre capable of placing it in the ranks of the largest companies in its field within the country. With the inauguration of the new Yearex Travel headquarters, we start a new chapter towards a more prosperous future, with the efforts of everyone in our large Yearex Group family in general, and the efforts of Yearex Travel employees and affiliates in particular. Our full support for Yearex Travel’s upcoming plans, and our sincere wishes to its distinguished crew for continued success and prosperity.

…we start a new chapter towards a more prosperous future

Board of Directors of the Yearex Group of Companies

 Hassan Alkahily

Chairman of Board of Directors