largest business expansion


Yearex Group of Companies is preparing for the largest business expansion, in its history, in United Arab Emirates. The group’s management plans to develop its business in the Emirate of Dubai and expand it to include the rest of the Emirates.
These steps are following the implementation of company’s corporate governance project, to expand safely after it has overcome the administrative obstacles that were scaling down the company’s plans.

… We congratulate everyone and wish them success in all their endeavors.

One of the most important decisions taken by the group’s management during the past year, the first and second quarters of this year is the re-structuring of its companies so that companies proven ineffective and non-suitable for the stage have been suspended. These steps reduced the financial draining and re-enrolled our distinguished cadres into the most productive and successful companies, which enhanced the sustainability and competitiveness indications.

 At the beginning of the first quarter of next year, the group will open new companies operating in several commercial, real estate and industrial fields, benefiting from the multiple experiences it has undergone, and from professional studies of the feasibility of these projects.

 It’s well known that the Group has started branches for its companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt, as the Egyptian market is large and full of opportunities. The group’s management expects these branches to be a great incentive and support to support the success of its business in the UAE and Egypt.

 We urge all the group’s cadres to get ready to apply more fruitful efforts towards strengthening and supporting these plans.

 We congratulate everyone and wish them success in all their endeavors.

Hassan Alkahily