To those with promising and innovative ideas
Do you have a groundbreaking idea in development? A project brimming with new and promising possibilities?
Yearex Group is looking for partners with insight and creativity. We are committed to supporting exceptional projects, and participating in turning dreams into reality.

Here’s what makes us the perfect launching pad for your project:
– We don’t just invest in numbers, we invest in game changers. If your project pushes boundaries and breaks new ground, we want to hear about it.
– We are not just financiers, but you will find us constantly supporting you.

To complete your journey towards success, here is what is required in a simple way:
Fill out the form below and attache the file that includes all details (file size <5mb)

Welcome to the world of Yearex

Best Regards,

Hassan Al-Kahili
Chairman of Board of Directors

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Please refer to the terms and conditions below before you fill up the form, thank you

    Project details

    Terms and conditions:

    Here are the key requirements that projects must meet to be eligible for funding from Yarex:

    1. Innovation and Creativity:
    – Projects must be innovative and have a unique idea that sets them apart from existing products or services in the market.
    – Projects similar to those already established by Yarex Group will not be funded.

    2. Economic Feasibility:
    – Projects must have strong economic feasibility and the ability to achieve sustainable financial returns in the long term.
    – Yarex will request an economic feasibility study after preliminary approval of the project.

    3. Partners:
    – There should not be more than three partners in a single project.
    – No other funded partner should be involved.

    4. Project Status:
    – The project must be currently operational.

    5. Geographic Location:
    – We prefer to fund projects in Yemen or Egypt, with the possibility of funding projects in other countries as well.

    6. Management Team:
    – You must have a strong and professional management team with the necessary experience and expertise to successfully execute and manage the project.

    7. Transparency and Credibility:
    – Founders and team members must have a good reputation and high credibility, and they must be committed to transparency and integrity in all aspects of their work.

    8. Sustainability:
    – We prefer funding environmentally sustainable projects that aim to achieve social and environmental benefits alongside financial returns.

    9. Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
    – Projects must comply with the laws and regulations in the countries where they will be implemented.

    10. Non-Discrimination:
    – We do not accept funding any project that is affiliated with or promotes any form of racism.

    – These requirements may vary depending on the type of project and the industry it belongs to.
    – Please provide a comprehensive presentation that explains the project and demonstrates how it aligns with these requirements and what sets it apart from other projects. An economic feasibility study will be requested in the post-preliminary acceptance stage of the project.

    We look forward to receiving your proposals, and we are ready to discuss further details and complete the necessary procedures to provide the required funding and support for the selected projects.