Developer will be responsible for studying, analyzing and creating new systems and applications ( A full stack developer )

1) Hard Skills Essential for Developers

o One or more of these Mobile development skills:

          • Flutter ( a MUST)
          • Swift
          • Kotlin
          • Java

 o Very good knowledge in one or more of the main Mobile App Development Frameworks


o JavaScript

o Back-End Languages

o Databases

o Design Skills

o Mobile App & Web Architecture

o GitHub Experience

2) Soft Skills

o Teamwork spirit

o Communication Skills

o Problem-Solving Skills

o Creativity

o Time Management

o Attention to Detail


3) Software Developer Requirements and Qualifications

    • Minimum Bachelor’s degree
    • Minimum 2+ years of experience as a software developer, software engineer, or similar role
    • Strong working knowledge
    • Extensive experience with software design and development in a test-driven environment
    • Solid knowledge of coding languages and frameworks/systems
    • Able and willing to learn new languages and technologies
    • Excellent communication skills